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Detailed Look On ZOOM Whitening Procedure

Zoom Whitening

Many people feel a confidence boost with a set of sparkling white teeth. They not only help you look youthful and more radiant but also help with maintaining and improving your oral health. 

However, with time, teeth may lose their shine due to several reasons. These include thinning of the enamel, discoloration caused due to food and drinks that lead to staining, habits like smoking, etc. 

But luckily for us, there are several dental treatments and procedures to help with teeth whitening. One of the most effective and safe options is the ZOOM whitening procedure. It helps give you the ​​shining white smile you’ve always wanted. To learn more about this procedure, read on.

What Exactly Is ZOOM Whitening?

ZOOM whitening is a bleaching process that is commonly and widely used to lighten the discoloration of the teeth, enamel and dentin. The process uses a combination of a LED or ZOOM lamp and a whitening gel to help you get rid of the discoloration on your teeth.  

The whitening gel is made up of a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide that covers your teeth. When the light from the LED or ZOOM lamp interacts with the peroxide, the formula breaks down to form a thin layer over top of the enamel. The formula also releases oxygen onto the teeth surface, which helps to flush out the tooth discoloration that has set in.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening Treatment Process

The ZOOM teeth whitening procedure takes less than an hour for you to achieve sparkly white teeth. It is a simple and non-invasive procedure. The process generally starts with prepping the patient for the procedure. 

Then, a dentist or another professional will place a dental covering over your gums and lips. This is done so that only the area of treatment, teeth, are exposed. The patient will also be given eye gear in order not to harm the eyes with the powerful LED rays. 

After this, the process begins with putting a layer of the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel on top of your teeth. Then, the dentist will put the lamp above the gel for about 15 minutes. This is repeated 3 times, and in between each session, the dentist checks for progress and the light source is adjusted accordingly. After 3 continuous sittings, your teeth will be coated in the paste. This is done to reduce sensitivity, a problem that most patients complain about after the procedure.

Benefits Of ZOOM Whitening For Your Teeth

1. Perfectly White Teeth
ZOOM whitening is a procedure opted for by many because it gives them white, non-stained teeth. The process is also painless and can be done conveniently.

2. Fast Results
Unlike other teeth whitening options that may take a long time, ZOOM whitening procedures give you a noticeably whiter smile in less than one hour. Since each sitting is only 15 minutes, and you only need 3 sessions, you can schedule a meeting during the breaks of your busy working day.

3. Can Be Done At Home
If you still don’t have time for the dentist, you can opt for an at-home ZOOM whitening procedure. You will get all the equipment you need to conduct the procedure safely at home.

4. Perfect For Sensitive Teeth
ZOOM whitening is perfect for those dealing with teeth sensitivity. The whitening gel and varnish used in the mix are specially formulated so as not to irritate teeth and gums. So, many don’t experience discomfort during or after the procedure.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening Cost

The procedure cost varies from place to place and dentist to dentist. The average cost of an in-office procedure in the United States is between $300 and $600. Whereas in the United Kingdom, it is £400. In Canada, it is usually $400-$600.

Aftercare Procedures To Follow

To ensure that the effects of your ZOOM whitening process stay for a longer and more desired time period, it is important to follow the guidelines given to you by your doctor.

This includes knowing what you can and cannot consume immediately after your procedure. 

Your doctor will also advise you to stay clear of foods and drinks that may stain your teeth and ask you to refrain from smoking post-procedure. Besides this, your dentist may offer you whitening toothpaste and a custom-fitted set of whitening trays for touch-ups if you may need them. 

Difference Between ZOOM Whitening And Traditional Methods

There are several differences between traditional methods and ZOOM whitening methods. While the former only removes surface stains from your smile, the ZOOM whitening procedure works tirelessly on the initial layer of enamel to remove dislocation that would have gone otherwise ignored. It is way faster and gives you your desired results in less than an hour.

ZOOM Whitening FAQs

1. Is ZOOM Whitening Painful?
Absolutely not! ZOOM teeth whitening procedure is opted for by many because it is less painful than other treatments. While you may experience minor discomfort due to tooth sensitivity afterward, it is generally a very delightful experience.

2. Does ZOOM Whitening Damage My Teeth?
The common myth is that this procedure harms or weakens the teeth. However, this could not be further from the truth. According to several studies, ZOOM teeth whitening does not harm the enamel of teeth if you follow dentist-approved methods. Some studies even say that the procedure can potentially strengthen the hardness of enamel by up 25-37% due to the compound amorphous calcium phosphate in the gel.

3. Is ZOOM Whitening Worth It?
According to several testimonials of patients, the investment in this procedure is definitely worth it. The results are immediate, with any side effects only lasting for 1-2 days. However, the effects of the procedure will last anywhere from 1-4 years.