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Kyla Getty’s Smile Makeover Invisalign Journey at Smiles Orthodontics

Get ready to be inspired by Kyla Getty’s incredible Invisalign journey at Smiles Orthodontics! Kyla shares her firsthand experience and the amazing impact that Invisalign has had on her smile.

A Welcoming Experience

When Kyla visited the modern Smiles Orthodontics office in North Vancouver, she was welcomed by a fantastic team who quickly became her friends. Originally scheduled for a Zoom Whitening session, Kyla’s appointment took a turn when it was discovered that her teeth were already pretty white. That’s when her Invisalign adventure officially began!

Straightening with Ease

Invisalign impressed Kyla right from the start. The process was so simple—her teeth were scanned, and then the magic happened. It was like watching her smile transform right before her eyes, just like how she moves artwork around as a graphic designer. But this time, it was her own teeth being moved into place!

A Healthier Choice

Having always seen her teeth at crooked angles, Kyla had no idea they could look so straight and beautiful. In the past, she had considered veneers, but after talking to the team and realizing the long-term benefits of Invisalign, she knew it was the healthier choice for her teeth. There’s even a small chip on her front tooth that can be fixed at the end of the treatment—exciting stuff!

Support Every Step of the Way

The Smiles Orthodontics office at 125 Lonsdale Avenue is not only stunning but also super welcoming. The Operations Manager, Riju, and the lovely Jocelyn made Kyla feel like she had a support system throughout her journey. They’re easily reachable by email or even text, making the whole process hassle-free.

Join Kyla on Her Journey

Join Kyla on her Invisalign journey and discover the ups and downs she encountered along the way. Don’t miss out—read Kyla Getty’s blog post here to get an insider’s perspective on her incredible experience at Smiles Orthodontics.

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