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LightForce Braces

3D Printed Braces – Available in Vancouver

Advancements in technology have revolutionized many industries, including orthodontics.

Introducing LightForce braces – the world’s first fully customized 3D printed braces.

LightForce, the most technologically advanced orthodontic system is now available at Smile’s Orthodontics in North Vancouver.

The World’s First 3D Printed Braces

While traditional metal braces have been used to successfully straighten smiles for decades in most patients, LightForce braces represent an entirely new category in orthodontic technology.

They are the first braces uniquely designed and 3D printed just for you.

Using advanced 3D modeling, LightForce braces are custom-made to precisely fit each patient’s teeth. The braces feature tooth-specific brackets that are optimally positioned on each tooth to enable the most efficient and accurate tooth movements.

LightForce braces have much faster treatment times and better treatment results.


What are LightForce Braces?

LightForce custom braces are made with a proprietary material, a special polymer, that is 3D printed using high-resolution stereolithography technology. This proprietary material produces custom braces that are comfortable and specifically designed around your unique tooth anatomy with braces that perfectly fit your teeth.

Unlike mass-produced traditional braces that use one-size-fits-all brackets, LightForce braces feature brackets that are designed to attach to each of your individual teeth exact position them in the optimal position needed to straighten your smile.

These custom LightForce brackets, along with the technologically advanced superelastic archwires, provide constant light force to move your teeth. This enables faster and more comfortable tooth movement with fewer appointments required.

LightForce Braces Vs. Traditional Braces (Metal Braces)

While both the LightForce system and traditional braces successfully straighten a patient’s teeth, there are some key differences:

Custom design

LightForce braces are individually designed brackets and 3D printed for each patient.

 Traditional braces use generic brackets.

Bracket positioning

LightForce braces position brackets based on your exact position and tooth anatomy for optimal force delivery. 

Traditional braces use a general bracket placement.

Treatment efficiency

LightForce braces produce faster and more precise tooth movement leading to more benefits and fewer appointments for patients. 

Treatment with traditional braces is still effective but slower for most patients.


Custom-fit LightForce braces makes treatment more comfortable. 

Traditional brackets can sometimes irritate cheeks.


LightForce braces are less visible. Traditional metal braces are more noticeable.

Overall, LightForce represents a major advancement in orthodontic technology. 

The custom design process leads to faster, more comfortable, and better orthodontic patient outcomes.

The LightForce Treatment Plan Process

Getting started with LightForce braces is quick and easy:

1. Schedule a free initial consultation at Smile’s Orthodontics North Vancouver. Our doctors will assess your oral health and discuss your treatment goals and process.

2. We take digital scans of your teeth. These 3D images are used to create your fully customized treatment plan.

3.Your custom LightForce braces are designed and 3D printed specifically for you. This eliminates the need for painful mold impressions.
4. At your bonding appointment, Dr. Mackenzie and Dr. Lam will professionally attach your LightForce brackets and wires. Treatment begins immediately!

5. Follow-up appointments are quick and comfortable. We monitor your progress and change archwires as needed.

6. Enjoy your beautiful dream smile in less time with LightForce!

Why Choose LightForce Braces?

There are many advantages to choosing LightForce over traditional braces:

Unmatched Accuracy
The custom-designed LightForce system moves your teeth to the ideal position with extreme precision. This enables the best possible results.

Faster Treatment
LightForce braces produce faster tooth movement leading to fewer appointments. Shorter treatment time benefits busy schedules.

Superior Comfort
LightForce braces eliminate uncomfortable impressions and are 3D printed to perfectly fit your teeth. No more irritated cheeks!

Highly Convenient
With LightForce braces there is no need for time-consuming adjustments. Your braces fit correctly right away.

Cutting-edge Tech
LightForce represents the most advanced braces available. 3D printed and custom-fit for you.

Natural Look
LightForce braces are less visible. Their convenient polymer material blends in better.

Proven Effectiveness
LightForce achieves the same outstanding orthodontic results as traditional braces, often faster!

LightForce Braces: How Much Do They Cost?

At Smiles Orthodontics, our pricing is simple and we have no extra or hidden fees.

A LightForce brace treatment plan at Smile’s Orthodontics is: $7,999

We believe orthodontic care should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer flexible payment options for most orthodontists patients, including 0% financing plans and monthly payment plans.

Many dental insurance plans help cover the cost of orthodontic treatment.

We’re happy to check your coverage and discuss costs during your consultation. Investing in an amazing smile is worth it!

LightForce Braces

$ 7,999
  • Expected treatment length: 18 months (6-8 Visits)
  • Complete orthodontic treatment

Accepting New Patients

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Smile’s Orthodontics provides cutting-edge orthodontic care, including the technologically advanced braces like LightForce braces and Invisalign, in a friendly comfortable environment.

Our outstanding doctors, skilled team and state-of-the-art clinic help you smile confidently.

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People Also Ask Us

What are the benefits of LightForce braces?

The custom-designed LightForce system provides unmatched accuracy in tooth straightening accuracy and movement. With LightForce, the treatment process is faster with fewer appointments needed. Lightforce braces are comfortable since they are 3D printed to perfectly fit your teeth. The braces are also less visible and blend in better. Overall, LightForce technology enables fast, effective and comfortable teeth straightening.

Are LightForce braces worth the cost?

Yes, we believe LightForce braces are worth the investment. The advanced custom braces lead to the best possible treatment results in less time. Your perfect smile and confidence are invaluable. With LightForce technology, pricing is similar to traditional braces or Invisalign and payment plans make the treatment process affordable.

How long is treatment with LightForce braces?

Treatment time with LightForce braces varies per patient but averages 12-18 months. That’s because LightForce work is up to 6 months faster than traditional braces. The custom-designed system moves your teeth more efficiently. Your exact treatment plan and length depends on your specific orthodontic treatment plan.

Can adults get LightForce braces?

Yes, LightForce braces work incredibly well for adult patients! More and more adults are investing in orthodontic treatment to improve their smile. Custom LightForce braces are comfortable and discreet. It’s never too late to achieve the straight beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Are LightForce braces worth it?

Yes, LightForce braces are worth the investment for the most orthodontists patients. The custom-designed braces lead to more precise tooth movements and faster treatment times compared to traditional metal braces. Patients report LightForce braces being more comfortable as well. The advanced technology results in highly effective orthodontic treatment to transform your smile.

How long do you wear LightForce braces?

On average, LightForce braces are worn for 12-18 months. Treatment time can be 4-6 months faster than traditional metal braces. Your exact LightForce digital treatment plan duration depends on your specific needs, and how much tooth movement is required. Faster treatment is a major benefit of LightForce braces for many patients.

Do LightForce braces work faster?

Yes, LightForce braces achieve faster tooth movement and reduced treatment times compared to traditional metal braces. The custom-designed LightForce brackets and wires apply optimized forces to teeth. This enables more efficient and precise orthodontic movement. Patients typically complete treatment 4-6 months faster with LightForce braces.

Are LightForce braces clear or white?

LightForce braces are made from a proprietary polymer material that has a white/clear color. They are less visible than traditional metal braces. The material also blends in better with natural teeth compared to clear ceramic braces. LightForce braces are visible but have a more discrete look.

Meet Your Team at Smiles Orthodontics

Certified Specialist (Orthodontics)​

Dr. Liliya Nikolcheva Mackenzie

Certified Specialist (Orthodontics)

Dr MacKenzie has a practice limited to Orthodontics. She received her Orthodontic certification from the University of Rochester and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree from Mount Allison University and a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from McGill University. Dr. Liliya is an Invisalign Top 1% Diamond Plus Provider and a Speaker for Align Technology. She’s passionate about teaching Invisalign techniques to Dentists and Orthodontists.

Dr. MacKenzie is a member of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, the Canadian Dental Association and the British Columbia Dental Society.

Dr. Verena Lam​, General Dentist​

Dr. Verena Lam

General Dentist

Dr. Verena Lam graduated with honours from McGill Dentistry after obtaining her Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario. Having grown up in Ontario, she has practiced dentistry in Ontario and Alberta before making British Columbia home with her family. She has a keen eye for dental esthetics and a passion for the cosmetic and functional balance of Invisalign and dentistry. Dr. Lam is deeply interested in Clear Aligner Treatment and has been a certified Invisalign provider since 2009.

Dr. Lam is a member of the Canadian Dental Association and the British Columbia Dental Society.

On a personal side, when she is not working or busy taking care of her two children, she enjoys indoor cycling, yoga, cooking and travelling.

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