Invisalign First®

Teeth Straightening for Kids

Straighten your teeth gently and affordably with Invisalign clear aligners.

Start by booking a consultation with Dr. MacKenzie at our North Vancouver location or virtually through Zoom if you prefer. You’ll get the chance to ask all of your questions and find out if treatment is necessary, what options we have available for you, and financial options.

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Teeth Straightening & Whitening Treatments

Why Invisalign First®

  • Correct early dental problems with Invisalign First® clear aligners.
  • Aligners designed to correct developing malocclusions in primary or decidual teeth.
  • As your children grow, their smiles grow with them!
  • Smiles creates a 3D image of your child’s teeth + mouth.
  • Dr. Liliya uses ClinChek software to digitally design the movement of each and every tooth throughout treatment.
  • Younger patients love Invisalign Stickables that they can show off at school!