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Important Questions To Ask Before Considering Invisalign

So many of us know what it’s like wearing braces or have at one point contemplated getting braces. 4 out of 5 individuals who wear braces are kids and teenagers, but a lot of adults need alignment as well. However, braces are not the ideal fit and can be a harrowing experience for those who wear them. Luckily, today, there are many options out there and the best one is Invisalign aligners. 

Have you ever considered Invisalign when you think about alignment for you or your kids? Even today, many individuals wonder if Invisalign can help in their particular case, but more and more people are opting for it for a reason. However, for you to make an easy decision, we’ve laid out the questions to ask the orthodontist before getting Invisalign.

Important Questions To Ask Before Considering Invisalign 

There are many questions you may have, and many you may not think of while at the dentist. So we outlined the main Invisalign questions to ask, so you can be comfortable and certain about your choice. 

How Does It Work? 

Retainers and traditional metallic braces are fixed appliances that can only be placed and removed through a lengthy process. Invisalign however, is removable and flexible. It adjusts your smile and bite with highly customized aligners that can be removed. These aligners are clear and need to be worn at least for 22 hours a day, and are recommended to be removed while eating or drinking.  

The aligners are customized to your mouth alignment and problem. The orthodontist will take a mold of your teeth and an X-Ray of your teeth, jaw, and neck if you decide to go for an Invisalign. Based on the molds and X-Ray, the orthodontist will document your issue and create a unique treatment plan for you. Once this has been discussed and approved by you and your healthcare provider, your orthodontist will send out all the information documented with the visual aids to the manufacturer. 

When you receive your Invisalign, initially you will feel a slight, gradual pressure on your teeth over a certain time frame. You will keep receiving new sets of aligners as and when your teeth start moving and aligning, which will help guide your teeth to the final result. Each aligner will be worn for about two weeks and then another one is set, and your doctor will constantly monitor this progress to make any necessary adjustments. While you would be regularly visiting the dentist, your visits are still lesser than for braces. 

Is Invisalign Safe? 

Invisalign is highly safe and non-intrusive for patients of all ages. However, it might not be the best choice for every patient, even though it is a choice offered to patients in most cases. Sometimes parents might worry that their kids may not take the best care of their aligners and easily damage or misplace them. Since they are quite expensive, in such cases, traditional braces might be a better option. Invisalign does not have any side effects or risks to it other than this. 

Is Invisalign Only Used For Alignment? 

Invisalign is effective in many cases, like correcting multiple types of malocclusions like the overbite or underbite. It can also help treat imperfections like gaps between the teeth or crooked teeth. Patients with severe cases or problems might benefit more from braces. Asking your dentist about what your best option is after examination can give you a better picture. 

What Is The Difference Between Invisalign and Braces? 

While both retainers are methods of orthodontic treatment that overall help a patient achieve straight, healthy teeth; there are many key differences between the two. One of the most obvious differences is appearance. Invisalign is fully clear and fits naturally on the teeth, while braces are pretty evident and stand out. Invisalign can be removed while braces are fixed. Braces need more appointments as they need to be tightened or have the elastic changed. You do not need to radically change your diet while using Invisalign and you don’t have to worry about playing sports. 

How Long Should One Wear Invisalign? 

The duration of treatment depends on each individual’s condition and teeth. If your teeth are only mildly misaligned, your duration will be short. If you have overcrowded teeth, it may be much longer. The average period for mild misalignment can be anywhere from two to six months, and this increases if you also have issues with your bite. Bite issues can add a year or two to your treatment duration. Your dentist will give you a more accurate approximation of treatment time when your condition is thoroughly examined. 

What Foods Must I Stay Away From? 

Because Invisalign is removable, the best part is that you can go about your daily routine without making any major or drastic changes to your life. You will need to remove the aligners when you’re eating, or playing sports. There are also a few foods and beverages that you can avoid, even if you’re not wearing the aligners as they may get stuck in your teeth or stain your teeth and cause other issues. These include candies, jerky, taffy, gum, coffee or tea, meat with the bone, and other hard or chewy food. Ensure you do not eat these foods with your Invisalign on, even if you want to eat them, as they may damage your Invisalign tray. If you choose to consume these foods without the aligner, ensure to brush your teeth after your meal. 

What Qualifications Does Your Doctor Have? 

This is easily one of the most important questions you can ask your orthodontist, aside from what your best treatment option is. Ensure you ask for your doctor’s qualifications, and check for professional memberships that certify that they are undergoing ongoing training and keeping track of the latest practices and techniques. Also make sure you ask them how many years of experience they have, especially in alignment treatment. You can always look out for reviews and previous work to make sure you’re happy with your care provider. 

This is a short, compressed Invisalign FAQ, that you can refer to when considering clear aligners. Now that you have the guide, go out and treat yourself with the smile of your dreams!